What are the membership costs and how do I pay?

Annual membership fees are $75 for a primary membership. Second and third businesses can be added and promoted by members for $25 per additional business. The cost of meals at events is not included in our membership fee. Members are not required to purchase meals at events to attend.

2020-2021 Season Membership Costs: we have reduced membership costs to allow members to continue networking with us during COVID-19.
Existing member renewal: $25 for a primary membership, $12.50 per additional membership (2nd and 3rd businesses)
New member: $40 for a primary membership, $20 per additional membership (2nd and 3rd businesses)

Regular memberships can be purchased through PayPal: Pay here
Members with additional businesses can send an E-transfer to:

Cash and cheques are no longer accepted.

What if I just want to check it out?

You can attend up to 2 meetings for free, as a guest, before you decide to join. After that you will be asked to pay the membership fees to continue attending.

What are the benefits of becoming a member?

- Weekly networking opportunities (in person or virtual) with women in business, in professional roles and solo-entrepreneurs in the area, with fantastic energy!
- Growing your business in a supportive environment
- Listing on our website and link to your website or social media page of choice page
- Weekly promotion of social media posts on our highly viewed Facebook page
- An opportunity to create friendships with like-minded women!
And many more...

Here are some sure-fire tips to get the most of our WIN membership:

Attend at least 2 events per month. The more others see your face, the better your exposure.

Create a 30 seconds elevator pitch that gets others interested in what you do. You will be introducing yourself in front of the group when you attend meetings. That part is intimidating, but this is by far the best group to be stepping out of your comfort zone with, as we have all been there at some point, and everyone is understanding. If you don't like what you said last time, or how you said it, change it and try again next time!

Talk to the women sitting next to you when you attend meetings. Rather than pitching your business, ask them about what they do, how long they have been doing it, some of the challenges they have experienced, successes, etc. They'll most likely ask you the same in return!

Bring business cards to events, so others know how to contact you when they need your help!

Post on social media and make sure to let us know about your social media page! We will promote your posts once a week on our group page, which has a large number of followers.

Smile, be friendly, and try to give back more than you are trying to draw from the group. Supporting other members is the best way to get support in return.

Talk to our board members (they are well connected and networking pros by now!) for help if you need it.

Have fun!